About Mountain Rescue Service in Kyrgyzstan

Rescue service in mountains of Kyrgyzstan is a non commercial specialized organization. The mission of service is to rescue people in the mountains. Rescue teams use modern rescue equipment and a helicopter. The team consists of experienced climbers and rescuers. Works are conducted on a mountain relief of any complexity, at any heights and routes. Medical assistance is provided during and after the rescue, as well as the repatriation of the victims to their homeland. The organization does not contain a permanent staff of rescuers, but has contracts with experienced climbers and tourists who have special training. The guarantee of participation of experienced rescuers in rescue operations is a very high salary during these operations.

The organization has been accredited in Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Kyrgyz Republic in accordance with the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic and has the right to conduct rescue operations.

The only term to start rescue works is the guarantee of their payment. Without a guarantee of payment, rescue work does not begin. This guarantee may be a pre-concluded contract for rescue work, the availability of appropriate insurance, a guarantee of the bank or any other solvent organization.

What do we need  for rescue operations to start on time and in the required volume to do (if necessary)?

Before the event in the mountains you need:

– To register with the Rescue Service, preferably at least 2 weeks before the route;

– to fill in and send to the Rescue Service the enclosed questionnaire of the group;

– to present / send to the Service by e-mail scans of insurance policies for each member of the group or any other effective document of payment guarantee;

– to match the communication scheme

– to send a scan of the local map with the indication of the route and the schedule of the journey.

Recommended actions of the group in the event of an accident and the need for a rescue operation:

– To inform the insurer (who insures) or the assistance company, which services the policyholder’s insurance policy about the accident and to demand the organization of rescue work.

-To inform the Rescue Service about an accident and the need for a rescue operation, while giving as much information as possible about the accident(it is obligatory name of casualty), the injured and his location.

The actions of the Rescue Service after registering the group and obtaining the necessary documents:

– The rescue service communicates with the insurer or the assistance company to coordinate the actions and the limit of the financial coverage of the insured event.

The actions of the Rescue Service after getting information about the accident and the application for the rescue operation:

– The Rescue Service begins the organization of a rescue operation (the formation of a rescue team, provision of troops with equipment, communications, food and transport)

– At the same time, contacts the insurer or the assistance company, who is notified of the accident with the owner of the insurance policy, the possible cost of the rescue operation and requests a confirmation of the payment guarantee after which starts the rescue operation.

If necessary documents are provided in advance, the organization of rescue works is much faster and begins immediately after receiving the application for rescue work (including by radio or telephone) and payment guarantees.

The presence of satellite communication or the “disturbing” button of the satellite navigation systems GPS or Glonass significantly increases the reliability of the safe outcome of the rescue operation.

Who operates mountain rescue missions in Kyrgyzstan?

According to local legislation first of all it is quick reaction groups (QRG) in the Ministry for Emergency Situations (MES) of Kyrgyz Republic. It is necessary to mention that quality and promptness of these groups in case of mountain rescue need is far from efficient level. If other options are available, it is preferably to use them and do not apply to the MES in order to save time and nerves.